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Are security deposits resort and parking fees and incidentals included?

Hotels routinely ask for a credit card to be placed on hold for INCIDENTALS or a SECURITY DEPOSIT. As long as there are no issues with the hotel room (no damage and no outstanding room service balances), you should receive the deposit back.

RESORT FEES or hotel PARKING FEES are NOT included in your trip pricing. We cannot collect this fee on behalf of the hotel due to the fact these fees often change and are out of our control. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying resort fees and/or parking fees with the hotel directly, upon arrival.

If you have any questions regarding incidentals and resort fees, please contact the hotel directly.

Will JusCollege provide ground transportation?

If you purchased a Spring Break/LDW/Fall Break package that includes airfare, then the shuttle is included in your trip. Those that purchased a land-only package or those that are not affiliated with JusCollege will not be able to use the shuttles.

Can I transfer my trip to someone else?

Be advised: Changing your name/contact information on your account is not considered or recognized a transferred order by JusCollege. Changing your contact information may result in the new person not being able to depart on the flight or check in for the trip with us.

In most cases, yes, you may transfer your reservation to someone else, free of charge, if they have not yet placed an initial deposit. Your order will also need to be paid in full.

If flights have already been purchased and the order is still transferable, you may be assessed an additional fee from the airline or not be able to transfer your booking to someone else. All name change requests will need to be submitted in writing to

If you have any questions about transferring your order, or if your order can be transferred, please reach out to us at!

How do I find my roommates when finalizing my room?

In order to room together, each person needs to do 2 things:

Make a deposit

Create the actual order by selecting the flight and hotel and paying in full or starting the payment plan. Listed below are a few scenarios in which you may be unable to find your roommates when booking a room.

– Your roommate/s made themselves a room leader as well (they will need to wait for the timer to expire before you can add them)

– Your roommate/s names/email address are spelled wrong (you will need to get the exact spelling of their name/email)

– Your roommate/s booked the wrong travel date/hotel (they will need to reach out to us directly so we can resolve this)

– Your roommate/s made a deposit, but did not create the actual order (they will need to go into the system and book exactly what you purchased, if available)

– Your roommate/s simply didn’t book (they will need to make a deposit and create the actual reservation)

Please feel to reach out to with any rooming issues and we will do our best to resolve them. To expedite your request, please provide the names/email addresses of the roommates in question.

Reminder: You are responsible for coordinating with other participants for your indicated occupancy. For example, if a participant signs up for a quad occupancy package (four people per room) and one of the three other indicated roommates does not sign up or cancels, the remaining three participants will be charged the current difference in price between the actual occupancy (triple) and the intended or paid-for occupancy.

What fees should I know about?

Airport Fees:

If you are traveling internationally, you’ll be charged U.S. and foreign departure taxes and fees in addition to your package price. These taxes and fees vary depending on your departure city and destination, and may change if the government changes the fees between the time you book and the time you travel. Passengers are responsible for any changes in taxes and fees. Tours may also include a processing fee that varies by destination. When you price your trip, all airport fees and processing fees will be included in your final price.

Change Fees:

Changes are no problem as long as our suppliers can accommodate the request. We can’t make any guarantees, but we do promise to make every effort on your behalf. There is a per person fee for changing a reservation in any way once JusCollege has received your deposit. Adding customers to an existing reservation is NOT considered a change. Change fees will be applied for, but are not limited to, the following situations: name changes, hotel changes, and destination changes. These additional fees will appear on your final price after the change has been made.

Cancellation Fees:

Once your deposit is received, all cancellations must be written and sent to our office via email. There is a cancellation fee that will be assessed to your account based on time of cancellation. If your package is paid in full and includes the Comprehensive Travel Insurance, you may be entitled to a refund through the insurance company. Please contact our Customer Service department at with any cancellation requests or questions.

Resort Fees:

Resort fees are a daily “mandatory” additional charge that the hotel property charges outside of the initial booking cost. These fees are under the discretion of the hotel and will need to be paid by the traveler, not JusCollege.

How do I view my order details?

To see the details of your order on, you need to get to the Order Details page of that particular order. – Login to (Facebook or email)

– Click on YOUR NAME in the top right-hand corner
– Locate the EVENT and click on VIEW

You should be at the Order Details page of that order.

You can get started here:

To see the details of your order on

– Login to your account
– Click Trip Overview under My Trips on the left side of the screen

You will be able see your current trip status from this page. For more details about your order, clicking Trip Payments will give you more information about your payment schedule, and Trip Itinerary will give you more info about what’s included with your order.

Do I need to be in college to book a trip?

No, you do not have to be in college to book with JusCollege for any of our destination events! Most of our packages are open to the general public, the only requirement is that all of our travelers must be 18+.

The only restrictions we have are the ones enforced by our hotel and club partners. Some hotels have 18+ check-in requirements and some have 21+.

For example: Las Vegas has mostly a 21+ minimum age check-in requirement, while Cabo and Puerto Vallarta has a 18+ minimum check-in requirement. This also varies by property as well.

How do I book my trip?

Step 1: Login to our website here.

Step 2: Enter your traveler information to start the booking process.

Step 3: Select or opt-out of travel insurance.

Step 4: Enter your payment information.

Step 5: Enter your payment details and read terms and conditions.

Once you complete your payment, you will be sent to your trip dashboard where you can manage your account including: Update your Payment information, View upcoming Payments, Update Account Information, Purchase Add-ons, and much much more!